Kristi Pennington. Christian Life Coach encouraging women to move forward into a deeper understanding of who they were created to be.

There is a gap in all of our lives that exists between where we are and where we want to be. As a Christian Life Coach, I focus on identifying and addressing this gap through encouraging people in the process of spiritual growth and personal development. I desire to help those willing to take a courageous step forward by identifying their strengths, most challenging areas, and developing strategies to work through them successfully. My desire is to help you discover for yourself how to move forward to a place of fulfillment, even in those areas that are painful, troublesome and challenging.

I know that God loves me unconditionally and that my identity is in Christ. It’s my desire to see more and more people come to a deeper understanding of this truth in their lives. Life is full of difficulties and challenges that can cause us to get stuck and make us (and others) miserable. I’ve seen over and over how God has provided what I needed to get up and get moving again. His provisions have been sufficient, even when situations in my life have felt and looked hopeless through my limited and skewed vision. I continue being blown away by God’s faithfulness and grace in my own life.

I am a passionate lover of Jesus Christ. I am married to the man of my prayers. We raised two children overseas who are now married and have blessed us with three of the most incredible grandchildren ever. I’m hoping for more of these!

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