5 Benefits of Transformational Life Coaching


A few years ago I had the opportunity of taking a course on Life Coaching. I knew very little about it at the time, but someone said I should register for it, so I did. I was hooked right from the beginning and put together a plan on becoming a certified Life Coach. Coaching opened my eyes as to how to help people take their next right step. Coaching is a beautiful process of discovering and reaching your full potential.

I wouldn’t have fully understood the many benefits of having a coach had I not hired a coach for myself. There were areas in my life I wasn’t navigating very well, and a personal life coach was just what I needed. Some of those areas involved organization. Through excellent questions and observations from my coach, I came up with plans that helped me make progress in a couple of places that needed a lot of attention. My coach gave me just the right amount of accountability which was helpful in my pushing forward.

There were definitely other times when I needed to be coached around things much weightier than this. One time I needed to make a hard decision and then share that decision with the person who was involved. Another time it was a struggle in a relationship. My coach always helped me move in the right direction that was God-honoring. Coaching was a safe place to be heard. It was a place to find confidence. It was a place of discovery. It was a place to be challenged in a way that was transformative.

Through being personally coached, and now being a certified Transformational Life Coach with Coach Approach Ministries, I see the many ways coaching can be of great value to any person who desires forward movement in any area of life. Do you desire growth and more life fulfillment? Check out Coaching. Some benefits of coaching include:

  • Clarifying goals and making a plan that enables you to meets those goals.
  • Discovering ways to maximize your potential.
  • Finding the best ways to have success in family life, spiritual life, health, relationships, anything where a place of well-being and balance is desired.
  • Finding more confidence in areas where courage is needed.
  • Taking the next right step that is purposeful, powerful, and meaningful.

There may be times in our lives when we can figure out how to navigate challenges well on our own, but most of the time it is much better when there is someone who can come alongside us who can help spur us on to becoming the best that God desires us to be. From personal experience I know deciding to work with a Transformational Life Coach is one of the best decisions a person can ever make. It’s well worth the investment.

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