Spiritual Direction and Soul Care Coaching

Kristi Pennington. Christian Life Coach encouraging women to move forward into a deeper understanding of who they were created to be.

I want to invite you to a Journey . . .

We all have a story. Our stories include joyful adventures as well as painful sufferings. It has been said that the most important word in language is relationship, even more important than love, because without a relationship, love has nowhere to go. God created us for community and intimate relationships. That’s what Spiritual Direction and Soul Care Coaching is all about. 

I have discovered that having someone to walk alongside me in a confidential, grace and love filled relationship is vital to living a more vibrant, joyful, and flourishing life. This is the reason that I love spiritual direction and soul care coaching. Significant transformation happens when a spiritual companion sits with and listens to your thoughts, feelings, joys, and burdens.  

This place actually becomes a sacred space because the presence of the Holy Spirit is there. In this sacred place you are listened to and you become more aware of where God is moving in your spiritual life.  You sense what he is doing, where he is working, and what he is saying.  This space is a place to discover and enter a deeper relationship with God. It’s a journey of moving forward in becoming more of the person God designed you to be.

I would love to be a part of your journey. Soul friendship is my passion and joy. Let’s have a conversation.  

You may book a session through the Contact Me tab or by email: kbethpenn@gmail.com

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