With Kristi as my personal coach, she helped me identify and accomplish many personal goals that I set for myself. Even in the midst of our busy lives she showed me that growth and bettering ourselves is not only important, but possible! I am thrilled with the progress I have made with her guidance! She can even coach via phone or Skype! Give her a call, I promise you won’t walk away empty-handed. I can’t thank you enough, Kristi!

-Jenny Morrison

I fully endorse Kristi Pennington and her coaching ministry.  Over the past two years she has helped me gain focus and clarity on numerous projects.  Her passion for discipleship and helping people move forward in their walk with Jesus will be life changing to those she coaches.   Her extensive life experience and leadership as a missionary and teacher provides a firm foundation for her coaching ministry. I highly recommend Kristi as a Christian coach.

-Dr. Tom Schwind

Kristi is more of a spiritual companion than a director. It is as if she comes along side, encouraging, challenging, comforting and guiding. She is aware that God is always working and helps you to recognize those places in your life. Kristi speaks truth in love, never condemning or judgmental. Her gift of grace allows you to give grace to yourself. Eugene Peterson in his book The Wisdom of Each Other says, “We desperately need men and women at our side who have disciplined their minds to think God: who God is and what he is doing in and among us; what it means to be created and chosen by God and how we get in on what he intends for us.” When I read that I thought of Kristi. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

-Amy Morrow


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