What Kind Of Legacy Do I Want to Leave?


The other day I was reading and came across a quote by Kenneth Boa that said, “The apostle Paul had two days on his calendar: today and that Day (the day that he would stand before the Lord), and he lived every today in the light of that Day.” That quote grabbed me. I began thinking about how much time I waste worrying about tomorrow and realized  I need to focus on today. I want to hear  God say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” The way I’m living today will also determine the kind of legacy I will leave to my children, grandchildren, and those in my sphere of influence. What kind of legacy do I want to leave? What is being transmitted from my life now that can make a difference for good in their lives even after I’m no longer here on this earth?

Many years ago  during a women’s retreat. we were challenged to write down the kind of legacy we wanted to leave. We then turned in what we wrote to the leader. She then, a few days later, mailed what we’d written to each of us. I reread what I wrote and then stuck it in a drawer. I dug out that envelope that held those words  this week. Reading them again was good for me and I realized that that list is  how I want to live each day. I was was also encouraged because I know I’m growing in these areas, although I haven’t perfected any of them and will not until that Day.

What did I write? First I wrote down a few things that I know don’t matter in the grand scheme of things and have nothing to do with  the kind of legacy I want to leave. Then, my list was written. I want my husband, children, and grandchildren to remember me as a woman who:

  • Loves God, knows Him, delights in Him and spends time in His Word.
  • Is a prayer warrior.
  • Speaks words of truth, grace, wisdom, and doesn’t gossip.
  • Is generous in the giving of time and money that meets needs.
  • Is fun to be with.
  • Makes others feel at ease.
  • Works at loving unconditionally and doesn’t judge.
  • Is not lazy.


My prayer today and one I want to practice lifting up all the days of my life is, “Teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12  I need God’s wisdom and help to grow.

All I have is today. That in itself is a gift.  May I live it to its fullest, live it in wisdom, live it in godliness.



2 thoughts on “What Kind Of Legacy Do I Want to Leave?

  1. It’s so important to think ahead to what we want our lives to count for. We often are so busy in the “stuff” of our lives that doesn’t really matter (what purse to buy to match the shoes, etc…) that we lose our focus on the eternal.

    Thanks for the reminder to focus on what really matters and will enable us to leave the legacy that we want to leave behind.

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