What’s the big deal about worldview?


Photo courtesy of www.flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/4313448480

One of my modern day heroes is Charles Colson, a man who served time in prison because of wrongs he committed in the 1970’s Watergate Scandal. The book “Born Again” chronicled his life, involvement in Watergate, and his conversion.  Colson served as special counsel to President Richard Nixon. He was a hard man who was known as Nixon’s hit man, his hatchet man, the ‘evil genius’ of an evil administration. I stayed up all night devouring the book.

He became one of my heroes because he’s a picture of what God can do through a man who is willing to be broken and to repent of his sin and put his complete trust in Christ alone for salvation.

I marvel at the ministries he began after serving time in prison. He founded Prison Fellowship which is an outreach program to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. He also wrote books about worldview and founded “The Chuck Colson Center” which does research, study, and networking to help people grow in developing a Christian worldview.

I remember when his books on worldview were published. I looked at one of them, decided it was too challenging to read, put it down and thought “what’s the big deal about worldview”. Actually, I had no idea what worldview meant until I began understanding how to disciple women in a more dynamic way.  My passion is discipleship. To disciple well I must not only understand what a worldview is; I must communicate the importance of living with a Christian worldview to those I disciple. I now know that a biblical world view is crucial to living an abundant life in Christ.

So what is a worldview? We all have one and it includes the following:

  • It is the sum total of a person’s understanding of their world which includes one’s beliefs and values.
  • It’s the way we view the world, ourselves and others. It’s the framework from which I make sense of life.
  • It forms the core of who I am and will affect my behavior in how I think, act, believe, function, and relate.
  • It’s a combination of all we believe to be true and what we believe which becomes the driving force behind every emotion, decision, and action.
  • One’s worldview answers the most important questions in life: Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life? Where’s my place in this world? What does God really think of me? Does God really care?

I have found when I know the answers to these questions and that the answers are based on God’s Truth, that life has meaning, order, and peace. What is your world view? Is it truly a Christian world view? Is it based solely upon God’s Word and His truth about you and the world?  Or is your world view “squeezed into the mold of this world?” (Romans 12:2)


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