Powerful “Ifs” – Powerful Coaching


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During the hot days of summer I sometimes walk on the indoor track above the gym at my church. During one of my Wednesday walks I heard a basketball coach give a strong speech to the young men he was training at a basketball camp. His words were powerful and are applicable to anyone desiring to win in this journey called life. The speech was full of “Ifs”.

  • If you say I’m tired, you’re tired.
  • If you say I can’t do this, you probably can’t.
  • If you say I can’t get better, you probably can’t.
  •  If you know it’s Hump Day and are thinking “Yea, it’s Hump Day, this is nearly over”, then these are wasted hours.


  • If you say, I can improve my skills, you will.
  • If you say, I’m going to conquer this weakness, you will.
  • If you really get into these workouts, you will get stronger.
  • If you work in unity as a team, you will succeed.

I knew these words were meant not only for these young athletes, but for me as well. Life is difficult. Today and everyday of my life I need to get into the game to win, not just to get by, barely holding on. Unfortunately, some of my days are lived that way. But, the good news is I don’t have to live that way. I’m to live it with gusto and with Jesus I can. He is my strength and joy who gives me all that I need to really live. He is my “yes you can”!


2 thoughts on “Powerful “Ifs” – Powerful Coaching

  1. Good morning! I loved this post! Needed to read it this morning……I had sinus/deviated septum surgery on Tuesday! Recovery is never fast enough….the swelling, pain and not being able to breath through your nose is challenging! I am walking healed!! The Lord is my Great Physician! Every Day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before!! Love you my sister sojourner, Tammy

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    • I’m SO sorry to hear about your surgery! Know these are not fun days, but we know who’s with us, guiding, directing, encouraging, and healing. Appreciate your positive comments on my post! Praying for you today, for strength, peace, joy and patience in the healing. Love you, Kristi

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