Remembering the Last Morning with my Mother

Cherry Blossoms

On my walk this morning I couldn’t help but reflect back on the morning of October 23, 2014, the last time I’d have with my mother. I’d been with my parents in Texas for 2 ½ weeks walking through the shadows of death that were accompanying the last days of Mother’s life.

I woke up that particular morning about 6:00 and thought, “Why not do my morning devotional with Mother?” So, I pulled my chair up beside her bed, a bit unsure of what I was going to read that morning. For some reason, I landed in Psalm 119. I’m not certain why I chose that particular Psalm, but as I began to read, it was evident God led me there.

I chose to read this Psalm aloud. Mother was in a semi-conscience state. In the physical realm it seemed there was no awareness, but I know in the spiritual realm, there was a deep awareness. God wanted us to pray together through this Psalm for all the Loves in our lives. At least twice, I thought, “Well, I’ve read enough, and prayed enough.” But, something or Someone urged me to keep reading. It’s 176 verses!

This probably was one of the sweetest and most powerful moments I’ve ever spent in the presence of the Lord. I read a few verses and then audibly prayed words from them for our mutual Loves, our spouses, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We even prayed for those unborn babes that would come into the world through Mother’s grandchildren. And, isn’t it awesome that one of those babes was born just three days ago! Here are things we prayed taken from this powerful Psalm:

  • That our Loves would keep their way pure as they live according to God’s Word.
  • That they would seek God with all of their hearts.
  • That they would hide God’s Word in their hearts.
  • That they would be kept from deceitful ways.
  • That they would turn their eyes away from worthless things.
  • That they would know and understand the unfailing love of God.
  • That they would walk in obedience to God.
  • That God would give them knowledge and good judgment.
  • That they would meditate on God’s Word.
  • That they would have lips that overflow with praise.

Today I made the commitment to read and pray through this Psalm once again on the anniversary date of Mother’s sweet and gentle passing into the arms of the One who made her and loves her so.

          Heavenly Father, May this be the way I will celebrate You and my mother’s life on this

          Earth on all the future October 23rds You give me. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Remembering the Last Morning with my Mother

  1. Beautiful! I read this Saturday, but was celebrating life holding Avery. She is a sweetie, and I know Mom would have loved seeing our precious grand-babies too. Love you

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