The Best Habit for 2016


One of the great passions of my heart is discipleship. The greatest joys I experience are when I lead a group of women through the study and process of how to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. One of the ways we discover our passion is that we have the desire to read any and everything we can get our hands on in that particular area. Recently in some of my reading I came across a wonderful Bible reading plan called the E100 challenge. It can be found at

I am a proponent for reading through the Bible chronologically. I have done it many times. The material I often use in discipleship suggests this and it forms the framework for that discipleship process. I love it! But, I find reading the Bible through is difficult for many, especially for young busy moms. So, I was excited when I found this plan.

The Old Testament is something we sometimes shy away from in our daily readings which is very unfortunate. It is there that we form Biblical foundation of who God really is and what His plan is for His people. If we don’t start there, our view of God will be limited. A Biblical worldview of God must come from His Word, the Bible. It’s this worldview that will hold us up when difficult days come, and they come to all of us in all shapes, sizes and forms. The E100 challenge plan has 50 daily readings from the Old Testament and 50 from the New. This plan gives an overview of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Using this type of plan is a way to build the habit of Bible reading into our lives. It will change our lives if we ask God to speak to us, expect him to speak, and live out what He teaches us.

A.W. Tozer says: “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” As they read God’s Word, I’m encouraging my discipleship group to look for truths they learn about God and truths they learn about man. Then, ask God to show them what He is saying personally to them. I continue to be amazed at what God teaches me and how He helps me grow up more and more into becoming the woman He desires when I spend this kind of time in His Word. It’s a place of joy, of peace, of total contentment . . . and I am transformed.


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