Navigating the Uncomfortable New


Frequently we encounter situations that are quite uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s a new social gathering where we find ourselves not knowing many people. Some personalities are quite social and love these types of opportunities. It’s an adventure for them, nothing awkward. But, as an introvert, discomfort is, well . . . uncomfortable.

Discomfort comes in many forms. Sometimes changes in the family system create new family dynamics that cause great anxiety. Family changes with new dynamics are difficult to handle and often cause great inward distress when the family gets together. Some changes can be good, but some can be traumatic. Experiencing these changes, good or traumatic, will be different for each person involved because of our own uniqueness – it’s all part of our own story. Navigating these challenging waters and managing the “new” is difficult because of the unknown and because we all come into the new situation with different perspectives.

During the last few months I’ve waded through some new territory – which I was not prepared for. Big changes have affected me greatly. However, God is using this as a powerful tool to refine me and to help me know me better. I’m grateful that I’m learning to accept who I am in a healthier way than ever before. That’s not easy! But, the progress I’m making is freeing and it is good.

Finding my way has been so much easier because of the safe places God has given me to share my heart. Fortunately, those safe places are an understanding husband, children, and friends. I’ve appreciated the empathy and the affirmation given by each. These are gifts.

Words of encouragement and wisdom came from one particular person that is not only beneficial for the present, but also for the future when I encounter another hard place. Here are words full of truth:

  • Things won’t be perfect.
  • What is will be okay.
  • Live in freedom to be you.
  • Allow yourself to feel your feelings.
  • Know God will honor your commitment to try and build relationships.

I believe these five things can be beneficial for your present and your future, too. I wrote them down. I revisit them. I practice them. I am in growth. Join me in this journey.


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